The Best Milk Chocolate Valentine’s Gifts

Milk chocolate is the most widely-enjoyed chocolate confection made. Millions of people enjoy the rich, but creamy flavor combination that might just the best that this amazing bean has to offer. For Valentine’s Day, buying chocolate is an almost sure-fire hit with lovers worldwide. If you have a significant other that enjoys a wide range of chocolate, making a selection should be easy. However, for those that do not care for the deeper and intense flavors or dark chocolates, it’s important to pick from one of the best milk chocolates on the market this February.

Before starting your search, be sure that you know what you are looking at. Keep in mind that not all shops will clearly label exactly what is in a chocolate confection, especially if you favor mixed boxed chocolates. Unless it is clearly stated, assume that any particular boxed chocolate includes both dark and milk chocolate. The following companies, however, do have all-milk-chocolate products.

Cadbury has a long history of success with milk chocolate, so it is a great choice for quality Valentine’s confections. For example, their Valentine With Love line has several boxed chocolate that are clearly labeled as milk chocolate. Look for the “Milk Tray” logo to find these gems for your lover. Other products, such as the Valentine Treasure Box require a bit more digging, but by reading the list of included products, you can determine that the contents are all milk chocolate.

Prestat not only makes amazingly delicious chocolates, but their packaging is stunning enough to make this line the perfect choice for Valentine’s gifts for your loved one. While it appears that all their boxed assortments include a mix of both dark and milk chocolate, the selections that are made up entirely of milk chocolate are clearly marked. It can also help to look for packaging colors other than the standard pink; the milk chocolate truffles and tea wafers, for example, come in a blue box, while the cinnamon wafers are decked out in red; all these products are under a tenner.

Fortnum & Mason
If you have your heart set on getting your lover a boxed chocolate assortment that has nothing but milk chocolates in it, Fortnum & Mason is a great place to look. For £20, a quality assortment of milk chocolates is available. The chocolatier also has several milk chocolate bars for around five pounds, as well as milk chocolate lollipops.