Milk Chocolate Rocher from Melt Chocolates

I’m not sure if these Milk Chocolate Rochers from Melt Chocolates are sublime or ridiculous! They’re gently roasted slices of almonds with candied orange peel and covered in milk chocolate.

Visually they’re very appealing. They come wrapped in clear packaging which is tied in an orange ribbon. This first impression is likely to be let down by your first taste of them. For me they’re a bit of a non-event. But, perhaps, its just me that doesn’t get them? They’re very light and curious things.

Only after a few hits of ones with a strong orange taste do you start to appreciate them. This orange flavour is a real one with mild tones and nothing at all like those Terry’s oranges which have nothing like a real orange taste. These rochers will keep you going back for more as you wonder what the next taste will be like.

Over time you start to appreciate them more. The almond flavour may be slight, but after each bite the flavours seem to build on one another and actually become very pleasant and moreish.

I do struggle to think they’re worth the £10. But that just might be the past generations of Scottish coming out of me. I did love their Milk Chocolate Bar with banana which was still a lot for what you got. And seeing as I didn’t like too much their orange milk chocolate bar, I’ve got to say that Melt is a bit hit and miss. Seeing as I’ve only tried three of their creations I believe it is a bit too early to judge their chocolates generally. I’ve got about 47 bars of chocolate left to review. When I’ve worked through them I’ll get some more Melt chocolates and try and get a better picture of what they have to offer. What I would appreciate is if any of you have tried their chocolates and loved them? If you have please leave a comment below.

    • Taste: 70% – they’re a grower


  • Texture: 85% – I do love crunchy chocolates and I think nuts and chocolate are made for each other



  • Appearance: 90% – they do look exceptional.



  • Nutritional Information: 70% – they do offer it on their website and on the bottom of the bag



  • Price: 60% – expensive for what you get



  • Overall: 75% – if you like almonds give them a go



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Nutritional Information:

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