Michel Cluizel Maralumi 64%

Oh my dear friend Michel – where have you been these past few weeks? I’m just in the mood for some interesting, relatively mild dark chocolate and that’s what I get here. I think this Maralumi 64% is as far down “middle of the road” you can possibly get, but still manages to offer a slight twist at the end.

The aroma is pretty unremarkable – giving a pretty standard sense of aged cedar wood and autumn, but not much else. I wouldn’t say that this aspect of the bar is pretty engaging, and nothing stands out compared to other bars I’ve tried of the Cluizel house.

The flavour is somewhat different. Although it’s far from remarkable, it still does manage to convey the sort of luxurious experience that I’m sure others have come to expect from Michel Cluizel. The melt is incredibly slow and flavours gradually seep off the block with mild mango and ripe banana just behind it giving it the slightest acidity. These flavours, although very enjoyable are far from remarkable – and there was just the very slightest edge of classic hot chocolate powder at the very, very end.

After a while I found the sweetness a touch over-bearing. Each mouthful seemed to add another layer of noticeable caramel sweetness which didn’t seem to dissipate. For me that’s either unfortunate or a lesson to slow down my consumption – I’d go with the later possibility.

So this Michel Cluizel Maralumi 64% is more than nice, it’s very good, but just a touch too sweet for my liking. Although it wa good to try another Papua New Guinea bar again, unfortunately this one couldn’t compare to the Amano Morobe 70% which was just out of this world!

Quick Rating:
  • 70% – nice but too sweet for me


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