Michel Cluizel Les Poissons Chocolate Box

Michel Cluizel Les Poissons chocolate box

I’d say that these chocolate fish are an ocean away from the milk chocolate sardines from A Quarter Of I reviewed last year. These Chocolate Michel Cluizel Les Poissons are Salmon to their fish fingers as Michel Cluizel only use the finest ingredients in the chocolate creations – even the more whimsical of the novelty chocolates.

You see, in France they are more geared up to giving chocolate fish as it is fairly central to their Easter traditions. And so the fantastic French chocolatier Michel Cluizel has contributed some fine novelty Easter chocolates to the French Easter celebrations with this box of four chocolate ‘Les Poissons’. I did notice, however, and I know I shouldn’t say this, but their painted nature remind me of the chocolates that Rococo sell.

Michel Cluizel Les Poissons chocolate box

The little fish break into two parts – just like real fish when you fillet them. Only inside these white chocolate ‘fish’ you’ll find crunchy praline very similar to the chocolate filled real hen’s eggs I reviewed last year. Then I found the praline a bit too salty and crunchy for me – and I’m of the same opinion with these. Well, maybe not. As you eat more and more of them they become more and more, er moreish. You start to enjoy the contradictory tastes of the mild, mellow and soft white chocolate against the silhouette of the piquancy, abruptness and crunchy praline. It actually works very well together.

Michel Cluizel Les Poissons chocolate box Close Up

Overall they may not be so life-like that I get my griddle pan out, but they’re still cute. May be not be as cute as the Easter Chocolate Chicken, but the flavour is definitely more refined, the character is sharper and the price is higher at £5.95 40g, but the most important question is obviously … ‘Would you have these instead of cod on Fish Friday?’ Well of course! I might even have them with the chocolate new potatoes I’m going to review next week!

  • Taste: 70% – neither white chocolate or praline is my confectionary of choice, but combined it does a great job on creating an overall enjoyable experience
  • Texture: 75% – of course they’re great quality!
  • Appearance: 70% – they do look good. But the packaging does remind me of those that you get kid’s swiming accessories at the seaside.
  • Nutritional Information: 70% – it’s all there, in three languages.
  • Price: 65% -assez cher!
  • Overall: 70% – I love novelty chocolate, but I prefer their dark chocolate blocks.


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Nutritional Information:
  • Cane sugar, butter, cocoa, almonds, cocoa, whole milk powder, cereals, nuts, dyes E102/110/171/172 decorations, pastry butter, bourbon vanilla pod. Possible presence of eggs and gluten.

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