Michel Cluizel 99% and 85% Ganaches

Having loved (and one of the first in the country to try) the Michel Cluizel 1ers Crus De Plantation, whilst I was at the Chocolate Trading Co. website I just couldn’t resist trying some more of their fair. But, although they were classically “nice”, there wasn’t anything jaw-droopingly gorgeous to warrant the £6.95 price tag.

The problem with having such a fine reputation is that you’ve always got to work hard to maintain standards and meet the expectations of your ardent followers. But, one could easily fall into the trap of saying that these were disappointing as they didn’t give the euphoric sense their other creations have – but it’s important to put these ganaches into context. It’s quite evident that they’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here – there are no unusual combinations of flavours or intricate designs – instead the flavours are clear, precise and just about still managing to interesting.

The 99% ganache didn’t taste as dark as the name suggests and nowhere near as intense as the vapour-sucking Noir Infini bar. It was very pleasant but nothing worth getting into trouble for. The flavours do last for quite a while afterwards but there’s no dancing on my tongue, not eyes rolling back and swearing gently quietly – just “very nice”.

Interestingly I preferred the 85% ganache more. It was sweeter, more indulgent, lighter and a touch more flavoursome. There was more of honey character and a more playful texture. But, again, nothing out of this world. For that you should get yourself some of the Geert Vercruysse selection.

I’d perfectly recommend having these out at a lunch party, but save your favourites for yourself – you don’t need to impress your friends anyway!

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Quick Rating:
  • 67% – nice but there’s plenty nicer out there.


  • I bought these myself but they are affiliated


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