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The Michel Cluizel chocolate company got its start in 1947 in the town of Damville in Normandy, France when Michel’s parents, Marcelle and March Cluizel, began producing chocolates in the small pastry business they operated out of their home. In 1948, Michel joined the business as an apprentice. In 1971, the family business was moved out of their home to a shop nearby. In 1981, the company began exporting chocolate orders to the United States. After the death of Michel’s father in 1984, his two sons, Pierre and Marc, joined the family business. By 1987, the company’s first shop was opened in Paris and named La Fontaine au Chocolat. The chocolate shop is still in business today and is a popular stop for tourists who are seeking fine quality French chocolates. Michel’s daughter, Catherine Cluizel, manages the shop. The shop was renamed La Boutique Michel Cluizel to avoid any confusion that the boutique is actually owned by Michel Cluizel. In 2004, a subsidiary was opened in the U.S. The company has quit selling chocolates through the U.S site however. Today, the company employs approximately 200 employees. The business is owned and operated by Michel’s family. Sylvi Cluizel serves as accounts director, Catherine Cluizel manages the shop in Paris, Pierre serves as commercial manager, while Marc is the factory’s technical manager.

The Chocolate

Michel Cluizel strives to produce the purest form of chocolate by using only natural ingredients such as pure cane sugar and Bourban vanilla beans. In 1999, he prohibited the use of soya lecithin in his chocolate. Chocolate manufacturers often use this product as an emulsifier. Michel decided to eliminate the use of soya lecithin in an effort to further perfect his pure chocolate.

Michel Cluizel’s dark and milk chocolate single estate bars are available in the following:

Dark Chocolate Single Estate Bars

Concepcion—66% (Venezuela)
Los Ancones—67% (Santo Domingo, The Caribbean)
Vila Gracinda, 67% (Sao Tome)
Mangaro—65% (Madagascar)
Maralumi—64 % (Papua-New Guinea)

Milk Chocolate Single Estate Bars

Mangaro Lait—50% (Madagascar)
Maralumi Lait—47% (Papua New Guinea)

Michel Cluizel also do other bars such as the 72% dark chocolate and the extremely bitter Noir Infini 99%.

Chocolate Bonbons

Michel Cluizel produces a variety of delicious bonbons with a variety of exquisite flavours. Some of the more popular bonbons include the cappuccinos, the mushrooms, the criolles, the fermignons and praline and ganaches macarolats.

The Cappuccinos—Coffee cup shells of 60% chocolate filled with an exquisite ganache of Brazilian Arabica coffee.
The Mushrooms—Mushroom shaped chocolates with a caramel stem and an almond centre.
The Criolles—Cocoa pod shapes filled with a creamy ganache.
The Fermignons—37% creamy milk chocolate available in 5 different animal shapes and filled with praline. Available between February and Easter.
The Praline and Ganaches Macarolats—100% chocolate macaroons in various flavours and colours. Shells of milk and white chocolate filled with ganache, toffee, praline, or coffee.
The 1ers Crus De Plantation is their premium range of ganaches – and they’re absolutely out of this world!

Michel Cluizel Novelty Chocolates

In France at Easter it is tradition to give chocolate fish as gifts instead of Eater eggs so it may not surprise you that they have created the Les Poissons Chocolate Box which are ‘painted’ white chocolate fish – and they’re pretty damn good too!

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Michel Cluizel Online

Their official site is pretty good and gives a whole load of information.

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