Michel Cluizel 1er Cru de Plantation Venezuela Conception

Michel Cluizel Concepcion, 66% dark chocolate bar

One of my most favourite type of cocoa bean is the Caranero Superior, although I can only find a very old review of the Beschle Caranero from early 2010 – which was probably when this bar was made as it’s a good six months “past its best”. I’ve always thought the seemingly arbitrary dates that chocolate makers add to their bars as nothing more than an unwilling requirement to comply with nonsensical local food labelling laws. I generally ignore them – especially when it comes to chocolate.

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Northern Venezuela is home to so many different types of wonderful beans such as Porcelana Criollo, Chuao and Ocumare that it’s no surprise that Caranero Trinitario is also a full and fine flavour variant. But there must be one thing that I point out immediately, and that’s that I feel having it at the 66% does the bean no favours at all as it’s an incredibly sweet offering from the masters at Michel Cluizel. Ignoring the actual flavour of the bean rather than the sugar for a while, I found the sweet after-taste to linger far too long in the mouth. But if that’s what you like …

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The aroma itself is full of light fruits such as mango and the very slightest hint of tobacco – but not much else.

I can see how people like this bar as it has some interesting, husky flavours playing behind the addictive sweetness. But I prefer to be left with a mouth tingling from hues of acidity than sugar. Those interesting flavours seem to alternate between peppermint and lavender which I don’t remember any other chocolate bar possessing naturally.

Quick Rating:
  • 65% – far too sweet for my liking


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