Chocolate From MexicoWhen the Spanish first visited they found the Mexican aristocracy, includine Montezuma drinking a hot frothy beverage which they later found to contain cocoa and sweetened with honey. The modern use of chocolate can be trased to Santa Rosa in Puebla, a state of southern central Mexico.

Things have changed since then and now giant companies such as NestlĂ© have announced deals in the region of US$400m into research and development into their Mexican coffee and chocolate plants. The hope is that this will reverse the trend that started in the late 1980’s which saw the opening up of cocoa production to private companies and the falling of output.

Furthermore, Barry Callebaut who are an absolutely huge bean to bar chocolate producer, announced in 2009 that they would open their 3rd largest chocolate plant in Mexico in the city of Monterrey.

At the moment I’ve only tried the one bar from Mexico which was the Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference bar. It was alright, but I don’t think its fair to judge a country’s production on a supermarket own brand bar! Although the Artisan du Chocolat Orchid and Orange Blossom bar has a bland of Venezuelan and Mexican cocoa. I’ve also tried the Patric Roger 64% which wasn’t bad.

Manufacturers in Mexico include:

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