Melt Milk Chocolate with Banana

I was, at first, put off by the price. I thought £4 for a 45g bar of milk chocolate – it better be good. But when my parcel arrived my first thought was “I paid £4.95 for a plastic bag and some bubble wrap?” I wasn’t very happy at all at how my three items of chocolate arrived. And when I opened up the beautiful wrapping of the chocolate I was distraught to find that the bar had broke in transport.

So we didn’t get off to a good start there. Perhaps if I ordered a load more than just two bars of chocolate and a bag of Rocher then I may have got a box?

But apart from those slightly annoying points, I must say the bar looked absolutely fantastic and nearly as nice as the Chocolateque Truffles I reviewed earlier in the year.

The whole experience after the unwrapping is most delightful. The flavour is intensely complex. You obviously have the banana taste which beautifully mild and warm like a fine brandy whilst also exhibiting a nougat or Toberalone flavour. This obviously isn’t the dominating experience when trying the Melt bar – that is one of unbelievably smooth milk chocolate. It literally melts in moments and feels like a riot of flavours tantalising you at various points in your mouth. I do absolutely love this milk chocolate bar.

When it comes to aroma there’s less room for differentiation with milk chocolate as there is with dark. With dark chocolate the various different strains of cocoa pod and the way it is grown, harvested and turned into chocolate have a greater impact on to its flavour and aroma. With milk chocolate the additional ingredients such as the whole milk powder and the banana in this instance take center stage. There is a definite aroma of milk powder – its not overpowering or unsavoury, but it is present.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this Melt Milk Chocolate With Banana Bar. I just wish the packaging was more sturdy and that the bar didn’t arrive broken.


Taste: 97% – stunning, complex, delightful, satisfying and tantalising.

Texture: 99.5% – smooth, refined, melted to nothing.

Appearance: 90% – I’m going to deduct points here because it arrived damaged. But other than that it did look elegant and enticing.

Nutritional Information: 70% – its handmade and not mass produced so I never expect detailed information.

Price: 70% – if it wasn’t so damn good it’d get a shocking score. But as its excellent, I’ve no problem paying £4 for a bar in future!

Overall: 85.3% – you’ve GOT to try some!

You can buy this banana milk chocolate bar direct from Melt.

Ingredients: 35% Milk Chocolate: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla, 40% Milk Chocolate: Cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar, cocoa beans, brown sugar, natural vanilla extract, emulsifier: soya lecithin, barley malt extract, Dried Banana.

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