Meadowlands Dominican Republic 70%

Meadowlands Dominican Republic 70%

Having traversed the first three months of looking after a new-born, it’s time to devote more time to working through my ‘reviews’ chocolate stash. The first I’m going to look at is one that I’ve had my eye on for a good while: Meadowland’s DR 70%.

It’s far too often to stereotype chocolate made with Dominican Republic cacao as being harsh, brutal, earthy and exhibiting spice notes. But this may be true of many, but certainly not in here. The subtlety resolves around ripe banana and ‘candy’ flavours – reminiscent of PEZ sweets. On reflection it does come across of the Los Ancones from Michel Cluizel I reviewed four and a half years ago. But here the tartness is much less prominent – but there does appear to be a slight edge of orange rind poking through that serve very much as a ‘curve ball’ during the melt.


This chocolate is particularly enjoyable because I’ve pretty much abstained from sugar today and that sweetness, against a slight dry mouthfeel is exactly what I needed. And despite being hostage to my chocolate stash for a couple of months too long, it still is a very pleasant chocolate.

Meadowlands are a very small bean to bar outfit out of Saint Louis County, Minnesota and, from what I’ve gathered over email, are damn nice people too.  So hopefully anyone State-side will give them ago. And those of you in Europe, hopefully I’ll be stocking this chocolate after the summer.

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