McVitie’s Medley Biscuits & Cereal Bars

McVitie's Medley Biscuit and Cereal BarsThe news from United Biscuits, makers of the fabulous Hob Nobs and Digestives, is that they’re launching a new range of ‘on-the-go’ biscuit and cereal bars as t hey want to get more of the out of home snacking market.

They’ll be available in three flavour combinations – all with chocolate of course!

  • 6 x Hobnobs, Raisins & Milk chocolate
  • 6 x Digestives, Hazelnuts & Milk chocolate
  • 6 x Hobnobs, Peanuts & Milk chocolate chip

I can’t wait to try these out. If anyone from UB are reading this, you know where I am ;-)

Lee McCoy

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  • Becki

    These are delicious, 3 points on my ww diet as well. I love the hobnobs one!!