McDonalds Chocolate "Beligian Bliss" Brownie

After the fantastic Sweet As Handbaked Chocolate Brownie every other brownie I’ve tasted has been dreadful, including the Sainsbury’s and one from Pret a Manger that I couldn’t even bring myself to reviewing.

On the way back from the Trafford Centre to spend some wedding money we got from our fantastic friends and family we decided to stop off at McDonalds and I thought I’d give the brownie a go.

I’ve got to say that this “Brownie” is a cross between the bricks they used to build the Egyptian pyramids, scenes from Alien and Marmite on toast (but not as good). The outer texture is exceptionally dry and flaky. The interior breaks with little strands of gluey type stuff similar to the gunk from the jaws of the Alien in the film of the same name and the taste reminded me of that very sharp taste you get from Marmite. This is a combination that isn’t all that welcome, or expected.

I didn’t think this brownie would be anything to enthuse about, but surely McDonalds can do much better than this? Even chewing it is an unpleasant experience, there’s a marshmallow gooeyness to it that just lingers like a bad smell.

You may feel I’m being harsh, but if you’re willing to part with £1.29 (I think it was) to prove me wrong, then you’re more than welcome to add your own views.

All I can say in its favour, is that its not as bad as the Sainsbury’s variety. It would take some thing disastrous to be that bad!

Rating: I’m not going to do a full review, but I’ll give it 30%.

Visit their site for the full nutritional info. Or go and buy what I view as the best brownies in the country!

Lee McCoy

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  • Annick

    It doesn't even look good. I think the taste will even be worse.

  • harry

    Found this by accident!
    But have tasted the brownie and would disagree with your comments.
    Since you have to remember what a brownie is? I having tried it found it very rich in belgian chocolate. it has a slighty gooey texture which i liked.Having tried other brownie which have been dry and less chocolate and not even stated what type of chocolate/
    I think this has got to one of the best Brwonie you can buy, yes its rich, yes its tatses good! and yes it sells in all Mcdoanlds stores so millions of people cant be wrong otherwsie it would not be on th menu.

  • jenni

    revolting revolting revolting

    i tasted this one bite was enough they tasted burnt and i have been told they are deep fried they are nothing even close to a brownie dont mcdonalds do product testing ? revolting

  • guest

    you are clearly a moron

    • Admin

      Clearly no more than somebody that hides behind a fake email adress. Feel free to have this conversation face to face.

  • Tania

    omg i tried this yesterday & it is one of the most disgusting things I have ever eaten! I couldn’t believe it! I thought chocolate brownie yh that will be nice! um no! I thought brownies were meant to be sponge with chocolate chips?? This was like … words escape me!
    Great review!!

  • Nicole

    I know these have a very weird texture but i have to admit i really like them, i like the odd chewey texture and they i do think they taste nice.. i can see why not many people like them though.. more for me then :)

  • Tanny

    I’ve tasted both the McDonald’s brownies and the Sainsbury ones…and I have to admit I prefer the McD’s one! I mean, people have varying opinions on how they like their brownie – some like it with a cake texture, some like it very fudgy and chewie…I go for the latter.

    McD’s Belgian brownies – guilty pleasure for me!

  • looby2209

    OMG! These are my absolute favourite brownies :O but each to their own I guess…

  • Mclovin

    They don’t make these any more. And I’m gutted. The admin may not like them – but I will miss them.