Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit

Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit

The lovely people at Ethical Superstore sent over this chocolate making kit latish last year and I’ve finally got around to trying it out after all my Valentine’s reviews, tax and chores have been completed. So what better a thing to do on a Sunday morning then realise how completely unsteady my hand is and how inept I am at reading instructions?

Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit

For just £11.59 you could have a good hour of fun making some chocolates that would set you back much more if you went on one of those chocolate making courses. Whether you learn more with this kit or a few hours with a professional chocolate maker obviously isn’t in doubt, but at least this one you can take it at your own pace and not feel completely embarrassed when you create a pig’s ear of it all.

Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit Instructions

In the box you get three packets of roughly shaped couverture which is made from 70% organic and raw cacao. But obviously it won’t be so raw afterwards as you are heating it to melt, but that minor point aside, I loved the kit nature of gift. You get three pots of agave and some cacao nibs to dice up so you’ve got complete control of the sweetness or bitterness. My problem was that I love bitter chocolate and my wife prefers sweet, so I went for two of three pots and decided to do a batch with a healthy dose of chilli and some with thin slices of ginger toffee.

Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit Instructions Melting

You do get some paper cups in which to cool the chocolate, but I had some chocolate moulds hanging around so I used those too – just to see how they work out. But I went straight in, boiled some water in a kettle, put the ‘chocolate’ ingredients into a bain-marie and just left melting over about ten minutes and stirring every now and then.

Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit Instructions Moulds

Then it’s as simple a job as spooning the chocolate into the moulds and adding any flavourings as you choose. I put the paper cups onto a tray to make sure they didn’t slide everywhere and so I could get them out of the fridge all in one go. I suggest you get creative here and see what you’ve got in your kitchen, be daring.

Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit Instructions

Some of you might want to tap down or wiggle the moulds to get the air bubbles out and to make sure that all the gaps in the moulds were filled. But as I didn’t trust myself not to fling them across the kitchen by mistake, I took the decision to leave them as they are.

Mayan Magic Chocolate Making Kit Instructions Shapes

It’s just a case after all that spooning to leave them in the fridge for forty minutes and then find something to do whilst you wait to see if what they taste like. And they do taste fab. There is that definite agave flavour that defines raw chocolate. There is also that sort of tinny texture too that chocolate of this can’t escape from either. I did enjoy them, but with this undertone of flavour, I don’t think I’d be knocking them back. Although, this ginger fudge does add a great edge.

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