Mast Brothers Chocolate Can Be Bought Online In The UK

Mast Brothers Chocolate can now be bought online in the UK

News has reached me that you can now buy Mast Brothers chocolate in the UK online. Previously you could only buy it in store from the wonderful Paul A. Young, but now the revamped Chocolate Society are selling it online, and for only £8.95 a bar (which I’d say is ludicrously low price).

Currently they are selling the Grand Cru 81%, Dominican Republic 74%, Madagascar 72%, Venezuela 75%, Almonds with Sea Salt and Olive Oil and the Fleur De Sel 72% – all at 70g.

The Mast Brothers chocolate has been a huge sensation this year and should prove to be an even bigger hit in 2011. Their mix of great chocolate made with aged equipment, combined with a wonderful approach to the industry and a brand image to die for makes the whole experience of eating their chocolate a massively enjoyable experience.

If my other chocolate orders don’t come through today then I’ll be buying myself some of their other bars to review and then not leave the house for the rest of the week. But get in quick; I don’t think they’ve got a huge stock. Pop over to Chocolate Society to get yours (but leave some for me!)

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