Mast Brothers Chocolate

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Located in Williamsburg village, Mast Brother’s is New York’s only bean to bar chocolate factory. Brothers Rick and Michael Mast co-founded Mast Brother’s Chocolate in 2007 and began producing their own quality hand-made chocolate from their small apartments. Today, the company operates out of a building in Brooklyn that is more than 100 years old. The fine artisan chocolate is produced from some of the highest quality cacao beans harvested from farms in the rainforests of Madagascar, Ecuador, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. Rick and Michael take pride in the handcrafting of their artisan chocolate, overseeing the process from bean to bar. Unlike many chocolate producers who use couverture discs in the making of their chocolate products, the Mast brothers prefer to create their chocolate from cacao beans collected around the world and quality ingredients, producing their chocolate entirely by hand to introduce a delightful and rewarding chocolate experience. Mast Brother’s chocolates can be found in locations throughout New York including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the greater New York area. The beautiful and artistic packaging of Mast Brother chocolates adds to the artisan value of these truly unique chocolate confections.

Update: You can now buy Mast Brothers Chocolate online at the Chocolate Society and in store at Paul A. Young in London.

The Chocolate

While Mast Brothers currently has a number of exquisite chocolate bars available, they hope to soon be introducing a variety of other inventive and delicious chocolate combinations. Future ambitions include infusing their handmade chocolate with delightful flavours such as roasted rosemary, thyme and juniper. With the creative ambition and dedication to producing a quality artisan chocolate, the Mast Brothers are quickly becoming a leader in fine bean to bar chocolate.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars

The Mast Brother’s chocolate bars are currently all made from a delicious dark chocolate handcrafted by the brothers themselves. These beautifully packaged and delicious bars include:

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You can buy Mast Brothers chocolate online via PayPal if you live in the USA. Or you can visit the Paul A. Young stores to be in person in the UK.

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