Fancy A Quicky Anyone? I Mean A Martini Hot Chocolate

Artisan du Chocolat Martini Hot Chocolate Fancy A Quickie

Double Entendres aren’t normally the preserve of chocolatiers but Aritsan du Chocolat have had some fun naming these new solid hot chocolate gifts. I expect they come under their Valentine’s range are a great, if not cheap way to give your loved-one something different instead of the normal box of naff chocolates that you’re probably inclined to pick up from the Tesco Express on the way home from work.

So the normal price of a hot chocolate would work out at around 20p or so, but this doesn’t create any ordinary hot chocolate this is a unique offering. I couldn’t actually taste a great deal of the Martini Vermouth in it and perhaps only the slightest edge of the Vodka whilst drinking the fairly evenly melted chocolate. Only at the very end when I slurped up what was left of the gloop did I taste anything alcoholic. I would have loved a bit more of a kick in it which was a touch disappointing, but alas, I can’t have everything.

It was ultimately enjoyable, but not as sensuous as I’d like. Perhaps the nub of my problem was that I had this hot chocolate alone, when the packaging suggests that I “should lick the spoon voluptuously” – and what fun is there in doing that alone? I have their Marc de Champagne hot chocolate too, may be I’ll have more luck with quickie on Valentine’s Day – here’s hoping!

And for just £2, even the tightest of men can’t turn up this opportunity to impress his wife or girlfriend and you never know where it’ll get you! ;-)

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Quick Rating
  • 60% – I didn’t want to be wearing my socks after trying this. Not because my wife would have removed them, but because I hoped this hot chocolate would have knocked them off. Alas I best start whispering sweet nothings to her for the desired effect.

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