Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection

Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection

I made a special trip up to my local M&S because I found out that the inner tray is made from Plantic which is a material which looks like plantic but actually made directly from plant material, rather than several thousand year old plant material in the form of oil. I had the choice of a larger £13.99 box or ths 250g box that cost £7.99 and offered twelve different chocolate types and twenty-seven individual chocolates. Everything I ever buy from M&S has always been great quality – apart from some honeycombe biscuits which I just couldn’t bring myself to reviewing. I’m hoping that my last chocolate encounter isn’t repeated.

Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection Menu

One thing I did like was the menu – it was clear with pictures of the chocolates that you just couldn’t mix up which was which, unlike the Paul Wayne Gregory Pure Indulgence Chocolates which only Ikea instruction experts could decipher!

Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection Selection

The selection didn’t look too bad, although they did look like they were made out of plastic and had just come out of the Coronation Street prop cupboard. The Alletto did remind me of the Jeff de Bruges Les Caracas though.

Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection Alletto

The first I tried was the Alletto which has a walnut filling with crunchy roasted nibbed hazelnuts in a creamy milk chocolate. But I got a complete and utter lack of flavour. What I do get is a flavour that reminded me of my brother’s clothes when he used to work in a milk packing facility. There’s this horrible, acidic, salty flavour against an overly sweet background and little, or no nutty flavour. Very disappointing.

Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection Prestige

Next up it was the ‘Prestige’ which came labelled as ‘extra fine truffle centre in rich dark chocolate topped with a creamy white chocolate plaque’. Again this was very disappointing. At first I struggled to think what it reminded me of; finally I realised it was fly spray. I know that sounds overly dramatic, but there was a chemical presence that just stood out for me. The texture wasn’t the worst I’d ever had but I think they’ve tried to go down a honey route and it just misses the mark completely.

Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection Sienna

The third was the Sienna which is a ‘smooth almond & pistachio filling in dark chocolate’ which left me in two minds. I’m not sure if I liked it as I’m just a huge fan of pistachio or if it’s because it also felt of chemicals, perhaps dishwasher tablets crossed with field mushrooms with a sprinkling sugar on top.

Marks And Spencer Swiss Chocolate Collection Comtesse

I next approached the ‘white chocolate with almond cream filling and hazelnut crocante’ that left me gasping for water as it was exceptionally sweet. There was the slighest of hazelnut flavour there but no almond. The whole experience was dominated by the sugariness and it actually felt that the back of my throat was burning. Of course it wasn’t but there was an unpleasant feeling back there.

Do you mind if I stop there? I can’t manage the other eight flavours. I’d say this box is alright if you’re addicted to sugar, almonds or hazelnuts. If you’re tried fresh chocolates from Paul A. Young, William Curley, Matcha you’ll be feeling inclined for your money back. Even some of the grannies that loved the old style Thorntons Continentals would smash their cuppa’s down in disgust, knock on next door and start a riot.

The problem is that you can’t move in M&S stores for these ‘chocolates’. They’re plugging them like crazy because the ‘plastic’ tray in the box is actually made from plant material that decomposes on compost heaps and dissolves in water. There are so many quips and overly-used puns that could be inserted into this review, but I’ll resist temptation.

Overall the M&S Swiss collection is like a visit to your local NHS walk-in centre, clinical and devoid of passion. Unfortunately, however, I’ve finished my experience with these chocolates in a worst state than I started – the complete opposite to what chocolate should do.

I won’t grace these chocolates with a complete summary. I’d give them 10% because the menu was clear and they’re tried hard to cut down the environmental impact of their production and presentation. Another way to have done that would not to have bothered in the first place!

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  • [AVOID] M&S Swiss Chocolate Collection –

    • LtlPrettyThings

      @chocolatereview apparently all the packaging is biodegradable! Sonar least it’s ethically better.

      • @LtlPrettyThings yup just about 2 test it out as its supposed to disolve in water too. Getting video camera ready. Hopefully less than a min

        • LtlPrettyThings

          @chocolatereview you’ve now inspired me to tuck into my hc tasting box, hope it fares better than M&S box, fresh chocolates clearly better

          • @LtlPrettyThings not sure they’re THAT fresh tuck into some @paul_a_young or @meltchocolates or @mrwchocolate and taste the difference :-)

          • LtlPrettyThings

            @chocolatereview indeed, I was meaning the joys of Paul A Young, a standard we aim to establish up here.

          • @LtlPrettyThings lol I tried to recreate his brownies. I ended up with door stops. I’m talentless when it comes to making stuff :-(

          • LtlPrettyThings

            @chocolatereview surely not! You should come on one of my chocolate courses, no brownies but lots of gorgeous chocolates.

          • @LtlPrettyThings defo will do after Christmas. It’ll be like Anne Widdecome on strictly! I’m obviously the talentless one with 2 left hands.

          • LtlPrettyThings

            @chocolatereview nonsense, we have 5 year olds with no knowledge making gorgeous treats, taste is a great start.

    • ChocMission

      RT @chocolatereview: [AVOID] M&S Swiss Chocolate Collection –

  • I’m not surprised at the taste experience. Personally, I have found that if it’s not handmade it doesn’t taste as good. I may be biased having my chocolatier down the road.

  • Kes Dd


  • Karen

    Have you tried M & S festive caramels – with salt!!! Simply the most disgusting chocolates ever tasted as voted by all our family

  • Betfred191

    What an ignorant bore you are. Also for a reviewer your spelling could seriously do with some major help.
    Either you have no taste buds or are simply inclined to be negative about everything you try for the pure satisfaction of it.
    I have along with friends and family tried a few of these exact chocolates over the past year or so.
    I have indeed tried the same ones you describe, if you can call it that, and find nothing wrong with them at all. Yes of course the white chocolate one is sweet, but what in the world do you expect?
    Stick to the dark chocolates in that case, as most sensible people who do not like overly sweet things would do.
    I am fond of many different boxes of chocolates from many different places. However i will admit i am sadly not such a snob as to try such fancy ones as you mention several times!
    Hotel Chocolat is about as much snobbery as i can bare.
    Good day.

  • Lakshmanan Chandran

    Lee, I’m sure if you tried Calice & Quadretta, your experience would’ve been different. I loved them!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t smoke so my taste buds are quite intact however I struggle to taste any difference between the chocolates in this pack apart from the white chocolate, disappointing after they look so tasty.

  • Bebeth

    Sorry I have to totally disagree I adore these chocs but admit they are safe in the house because my husband hates all the nut based flavours . I always have adored this make though even when I bought them in Switzerland before M&S took them on .

  • P

    I love these chocs…my faves!

  • Neelam

    These chocolates are amazingly presented and taste great. This reviewer is a total fake.

  • Bebeth

    About 10 years ago I was given a beautiful bag of delicious Swiss chocolates by a Swiss visitor to my home , then I discovered these in Marks the coveted Swiss chocs . I am a true judge of chocolate and I have to ask about the validity of this review .
    Perhaps the reviewer should try some of the American chocolates they are very very different to these . I just think you don’t like Swiss chocolate .