Mandarin & Ginger Fairtrade Chocolate Bar

I just love chocolate shopping at Ethical Superstore! Not because the prices are so damn reasonable, but you’ll often find new chocolate bars you’ve not seen before. And on my last visit I ordered quite a few chocolate goodies, including this Organic Seed & Bean Company Mandarin & Ginger Fairtrade Chocolate Bar which only set me back £1.79!

The Organic Seed & Been company do a variety of organic & Fairtrade chocolate bars such as their 72% bar with no additional flavourings, to one with Lavender and others including Lime, Mint and Rose. I plumped for this Mandarin & Orange bar and the Rose one which I’ll review soon.

The aroma is intensely ginger with undertones of the mandarin which combine to give it quite and acidic nature. Its certainly not unpleasant, but certainly different to the Melt Chocolates Banana Bar I’ve just reviewed.

When it comes to flavour, the taste is bright, zippy and full of character which worms very well with the slightly jammy cocoa flavour. It’s got a personality you could get lost in. It’s like an old country house that you walk down the corridor and find more and more rooms filled with curios. I really do like this 72% dark chocolate bar. Its certainly novel and one I’d definitely wish to try again. The flavours are perfect for a winter’s night with the fire on and a sleeping dog while listening to Rod Stewart singing “The Very Thought Of You”:


Taste: 75% – complex, fruity and definitely one for the bitter dark chocolate lovers.

Texture: 70% – slightly granular, but had a great break.

Appearance: 75% – the outer packaging is appealing, but similar to those from Conscious.

Nutritional Information: 75% – Its a bit difficult to read with the white text on the orange. But there’s a great deal of information there!

Price: 85% – At £1.79 a bar its exceptionally good value!

Overall: 76%

You can buy direct from Ethical Superstore.

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Nutritional Information:
Fairtrade Cocoa mass*; Fairtrade Cane sugar*; Fairtrade Cocoa butter*; Emulsifier: soya lecithin (non GM), Mandarin essential oil*,Ginger essential oil*. Minimum 98% Fairtrade ingredients certified to International Fairtrade Standards.
*: Organically grown and certified Organic Certification UK5

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