The Chocolate Café Manchester Tart White Chocolate

The Chocolate Cafe Manchester Tart White Chocolate

This is where I declare that I’m not a huge fan of either white chocolate or coconut. But seeing as I’ve gorged myself on fine dark chocolate, I certainly needed a break. So what better way than trying out a new bar that the great people at The Chocolate Cafe have sent? Especially as I’ve loved their other bars!

The Chocolate Cafe Manchester Tart White Chocolate

This one still has the same theme on the wrapper and why change something that works? It shows that you’ll be tucking into a white chocolate bar that has coconut and raspberries. The raspberries are something I’m especially keen on, and given the terrible weather we have here, reminds me of the great, but very short summer we had.

The Chocolate Cafe Manchester Tart White Chocolate

What I actually liked about this bar was that the coconut pieces gave it a wonderful substantive feeling which moved it along from just confectionary into something more. But even though there was a great deal of it in the bar, there wasn’t a huge element of it coming through the taste range – not at the beginning at least. It was the sweet raspberry flavour that dominated the mid cycle and followed on from the initial creamy white chocolate tones.

For a bar that I shouldn’t like too much … I actually liked a great deal! The main test of white chocolate though is my wife. She’s fond of white chocolate and loves coconut. Her thoughts were that it was very nice, although the raspberry was a bit much for her. It shows how completely different our tastes are with chocolate. My belief that this bar will be very popular with women who love chocolate but want something different from the usual fair.

The end result … there’s not much of this bar left. But what is left I’ll save for a like-for-like comparison against their unflavoured white chocolate next week. And talking of next week, get yourself down to the various events of the Manchester Food And Drink Festival if you can!

And did you note, I’ve not managed to mention tarts! This bar is less of a tart in the pejorative sense, but more of a sophisticated affair.

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