Malagasy Chocolate

Malagasy Chocolate

Malagasy Ltd. is a small equitable trade chocolate company located in Madagascar. Malagasy is the language of the indigenous people of the area. Since “Malagasy” is interpreted to mean “from” Madagascar, this seemed the most appropriate name for this Equitrade Company that focuses on fairer trade practices. The cocoa is grown right in Madagascar and the making and packaging of Malagasy chocolate takes place in the area as well. Malagasy Ltd is constructed of highly passionate and dedicated individuals who are focused upon equitable trade and bringing benefits to Madagascar, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. The philosophy of the company is to establish fair trade of cocoa crops in Madagascar. The company grows and harvests the cocoa in Madagascar and produces and packages the chocolate themselves. The cocoa is grown and harvested in a plantation located in the Sambirano Valley. As the first Equitrade Company, Malagasy Ltd. was recognised as highly ethical by the “Ethical Consumer” magazine in 2007. In addition, the company received the silver award in 2007 for the best bean to bar at the Academy of Chocolate Awards. Malagasy Ltd. also has earned the EcoCert organic certification for their use of all natural products and concern for the environment.

Malagasy Chocolate

Malagasy exclusively works with premium ingredients right from Madagascar. Absolutely no vanilla is incorporated into the chocolate, offering it an incredibly clean, fresh flavour. Malagasy only uses natural cocoa butter and is strongly focused on producing not only fair trade products ,but extremely natural, fine chocolate as well.

Malagasy Mora Mora

This first bar created by the Malagasy company is 73% cocoa and is produced from a combination of Criollo, Forestero and Trinitario cocoa beans grown and harvested in Madagascar. The natural ingredients of this creamy and smooth chocolate bar are cocoa mass, cocoa butter, lecithin and unrefined sugar. This delightful chocolate bar has fruity undertones and a sweet flavour.

Malagasy Sambirano

The Malagasy Sambirano dark chocolate bar was soon to follow. Like the Mora Mora bar, this delicious chocolate bar includes all natural ingredients grown and harvested directly in Madagascar. The chocolate is a delicious blend of Trinitario, Criollo and Forestero beans. The Sambirano bar is a 75% cocoa blend bar with woody tones. This somewhat spicy dark chocolate bar is ideal for chocolate lovers who like a slight bitterness in their chocolate without the fruity flavours and tones a large amount of dark chocolate bars tend to carry.

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