Magic Choc – Non Melting Chcolate

I saw the news in the Huffington Post the other day about some non-melting chocolate, and I just had to get some – because I’m a big kid like that. The one thing I did learn out of the experience was that my brother has the artistic genes in the family.

So, if you come up with a clever way to make chocolate unmeltable,  how do you make money out of it? Well of course you allow creative,  and equally destructive children make shapes out of it. And that’s exactly what Magic Choc, at this stage, is aimed at. Any child four years of age or over are able to make all sorts of strange shapes – and then eat them afterwards.

Their Facebook photos completely put my chocolate man to shame. But that’s because despite being 35 years old and fairly strong I did find it difficult to mould the chocolate at first. That may be because I keep my chocolate fairly cool (about 16c), however after a while it started to become more pliable and I could join the different types of chocolate together.

As a child I used to eat all sorts of stuff I shouldn’t. If it was part of a game I’d end up putting it into my gob. Yes I ate plastecine, I consumed Lego, and became a cannibal with the odd Action Man limb – it’s just what children do. So to have something they can play with and then swallow without you lunging across the living room to prevent them ingesting something they shouldn’t, you can just let them relax with this. However, if they really are a rogue child as I was, just make sure they don’t try and stick it up their nose!

One of the selling points of this non-melting chocolate is that it’s not messy like traditional chocolate. That may be the case, but there was a touch of mess involved in my case. Although, I’m sure the regular four year old has much better hand-eye co-ordination than I do!

The Magic Choc I got was the starter pack which contained 60g of milk chocolate, 40g of white chocolate and 20g of dark chocolate – as well as an ‘Anti-bac’ handwipe and some ideas of what to make. In all they say the chocolate will make about four or five models. Probably as my hands, and scale are generally larger than the average pre-teen, I think I would have got about two or three out if it.

Ultimately the chocolate man I created wouldn’t get me through the preliminary round of the World Pastry Masters, but would young children love it? Well I’m very confident they would, and for £5.99 from Firebox that should be an afternoon of entertainment sorted for the summer holidays!

Oh, and how did it taste? A lot better than I thought it would to be honest. There wasn’t a massive chocolate flavour, but you didn’t really expect it to did you?

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  • I bought the Magic Choc from Firebox to review, but it is affiliated.

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