Madagascar 70% Chilli Chocolate

The South Devon Chilli Farm hold a place very dear in my heart. My second culinary passion are chilies. Seemingly I’ll eat about three a week. I’d put them in sandwiches, pasta and have them ground with salt to spice up many other meals. But what does annoy me about is that when people combine them with chocolate is that they use to use mass-produced, poor quality chilli oil rather than incredibly fresh chillies specifically chosen to work with the chocolate at hand. As the South Devon Chilli farm grows a bewildering assortment of chillies they’re able to choose the right one.

The Madagascan Chilli Chocolate

I’ve previously loved their chilli chocolate that used a 60% blend but now they’ve created this 70% made with Madagascan cacao. I would have expected them to use a less naturally flavoursome chocolate to soften the edges of the chilli, but they’ve tried to provide a riot of flavours with this origin.

Even before the chilli kicks in the chocolate actually comes across as much more mellow than a 70% and even a Madagascar. It has an earthy quality which does actually serve to balance out the heat and sharpness of the chilli when you return for more.

The chocolate pieces

Some of the chilli chocolate I’ve tried has been a bit ‘school boy prank’ hot. They’ve tried to create the hottest chocolate they can and not tried to create a chocolate that can be enjoyed over the course of an evening. This chocolate you can most certainly do that. Don’t think this is a mild chocolate, it certainly isn’t a butter chicken in the scale of things, but it is fairly hot and as you it progresses down through your body you will feel the heat in your stomach.

The base chocolate is from a very good source in Madagascar which is part of the ‘Raise Trade‘ campaign to make sure more of the price of chocolate remains in grower countries – not least by having the chocolate couverture actually made there. We give Neil and all the guys involved our fullest support.

I did enjoy the chocolate. But still, nothing will ever compare with their Honeycomb Chilli Chocolate which absolutely should be tried.

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  • Definitely like the Chili Chocolates. I don’t like them to strong, but reasonable is good. Just like Chocolate Pretzels I guess, Opposites attract.