Luxury Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny Rabbit

Luxury Milk Chocolate Easter Bunny Rabbit

The problem with Easter is that people give utter rubbish as chocolate Easter gifts. You’ll see the see the supermarket shelves full of rubbish such as the Lindt Golden Bunny and occasionally you’ll step up a few levels to the chocolate rabbit that Chocolate Trading Co. sell, but its also nice to try a chocolate rabbit that’s in the “you can’t be serious” price bracket.

Luxury Milk Chocolate Bunny Rabbit From Melt Chocolates

You see, this milk chocolate bunny rabbit may be from Melt, but its £7.50 and can’t weigh more than the average Mars bar. But the thing is, it tastes a million times better. I’m trying to remember how cute it was as I’ve now chewed its head, but from what I can recall it looked damn fine and perfectly presented in the wrapper – which makes it a prefect gift for a little boy or girl that may just get mass market eggs for Easter.

Milk chocolate may not necessarily be “my thing” but it tasted very nice, and so much more palatable than the big names which seem to leave my face all oily after consuming their chocolate. With this one it was nice and sweet, but still didn’t leave me feel that I’d consumed a vat of vegetable oil. What’s more, those Easter eggs are typically only 20% cocoa solids, whereas this one is almost twice as chocolaty at 35% – and you’ll certainly notice it.

I loved it, but would I go into their shop and pay £7.50? Probably not. But I may be loosing out. I’d probably go for some of their filled chocolates instead.

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