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As a child, because I didn’t know any better, I used to adore Cadbury Crunchie bars. Obviously I’ve grown up a lot since then and have a far more refined palette. I still do love chocolate covered honeycomb though. So it was great to be sent some “Hokey Pokey” by Al at the Chocolate Society. For your money, (it’s currently on sale for £5.99) you get 190g of exceptional honeycomb double-coated in Valrhona 40% milk chocolate and presented in an attractive gift bag.

For the past few days I’ve kept them away from my desk as I knew I’d consume them before I had time to sit down and do a proper review. I still found myself nipping into the chocolate room as I walked passed to get myself another chunk of the stuff. What was very surprising is that even though I made frequent trips to dip into the bag, that it’s actually lasted a great while. It’s like some mythical bottomless bag of chocolate heaven.

Most factory made treats are of a regular shape. Pieces that are too big are rejected just as those ones which are too small. That’s a big shame. Small producers of confectionery, I would say, thrive on the fact that they can make irregular treats just as “grandmother” would have made in the past. A smaller piece offers a fleeting respite from the sugary-sweet honeycomb as you get more of the fantastic milk chocolate. And in the next bite you’ll choose a much larger piece that gives you a significant hit of that delicious honeycomb flavour.

As the nights are still dark and ground sodden with all this wintry weather I can think of nothing better than “stopping in”, putting on some classic TV comedy and munching on some of these.

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