Lucky’s Tweedle Twins Cakes In A Jar

Lucky's Tweedle Twins Cakes In A Jar

There’s been an hiatus in the chocolate reviews do to work commitments. But what better way to return to the ‘fray’ than with the heavenly sight of cakes from Lucky’s? Over the past few years I’ve reviewed a wide variety of their awesomely over-indulgent cakes, however, there’s always a site of excitement as their deliveries arrive – especially when I don’t know what delights I’ll be reviewing. T

The first Lucky’s review achieved one of the highest ratings I’ve ever given. I wondered where they could possibly take their range from such a high starting point.  However, they expertly moved on to a selection of delightful Easter eggs and now: sophisticated chocolate treats in jars.

And what an utterly delightful sight these little Tweedle Twins are. These Tweedledum and Tweedledee inspired creations are available in four distinct flavours: Toffee Groove, Tropical Breeze, Dreamy Lemon and Cocoa Bros. Each comes in a cute box with hole to spy the contents, a cute design featuring the two Lewis Carroll nursery rhyme characters and ribbon-adorned spoons. They’re almost too cute to open. But open I must.

Toffee Groove

The Toffee Groove is as indulgent as they come. In the top third of the jar rests luscious sea-salted caramel which is a mile away from the overbearing salted-caramel that I’ve tried in the past. This, instead, has a much more soft and engaging flavour and is as smooth as you could possibly wish for. The secret, undoubtedly, is to reach down through the caramel into the 60% dark chocolate toffee below – catching some of the sweet toffee on the way up. In this one small jar you’ll have a sufficient ‘pudding’ hit to last you a good few hours. Unless, of course, you have some more, and then you’ll be reaching for the rest. This blend of flavours could so easily of been ‘too much’, but thankfully it was created with just the right tone and balance of flavours which, although, is indulgent, it does leave you wanting more, even if your head says: stop.

Dreamy Lemon

In search of some fruity acidity I moved on to the Dreamy Lemon. What I actually go was so much more delicate. I’m not typically one for white chocolate, but here the creaminess was much more ‘adult’ than practically every other white chocolate creation I’ve tried in the past. Here it’s turned into a mellow ganache with poppy seeds to give it an extra bit of intrigue. At the bottom you’ll find crushed lemon shortbread. Overall it’s very much of a creamy nature than lemon and wasn’t as taste-bud blasting as I’d expect. However, few are as in love with the sharpness of lemon as I am.

Cocoa Bros

The milk chocolate caramel is exactly what I’d hope for. Those little pieces of hazelnut add such a pleasant texture diversion from the velvetiness of the brittle which it offers the perfect combination. At the bottom, which shouldn’t take you too long to find, contains a lovely 60% dark chocolate cake. This has such a soft flavour after the intensity of the previous layer. It characterises the typical, honest ‘chocolate’ flavour that will give you a fitting consolation for reaching the bottom of the jar.

Tropical Breeze

Lastly I finished up with the Tropical Breeze – and any treat that has “coconut and double chocolate caramel topping’ in the description is surely bound to be a culinary winner? And there’s no disappointment. The coconut is such a hit when combined with the peppermint and it’s this clean, sprightly flavour is is such a fitting way to end the experience.

It’s difficult to decide which is my favourite as they’re all so incredibly unique and well balanced. I’m typically no great fan of coconut, but I loved how Lucky’s balanced that flavour with a very direct tone of the peppermint, so I’d have to say, for me at least, the Tropical Breeze is the one that I’d buy myself most of.

Where To Buy These Tweedle Twins Cakes In A Jar
  • Lucky’s – £4.95 for a pair

  • 83% – lovely, but not as over-indulgent as great for gifts.

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  • Alice Miller

    Would love to try these. I am in love with lemon sharpness as well. :-)