Lucky’s Mini Luxury Chocolate Enrobed Cakes

Lucky's Mini Chocolate Enrobed Cakes

The wonderful guys at Lucky’s felt inclined to let me try out their new mini luxury chocolate enrobed cakes which must have been because I gave their larger cakes a glowing review last month. It seems that this selection is just a smaller version of the previous, with a couple of slight modifications. But as I thought they were great last time I had no problems giving them another trial. What’s more there’s no better way of celebrating getting over the flu than having some awesome chocolate cake! An even better when they’re Lucky’s chocolate cakes covered in Valrhona!

Lucky's Mini Luxury Chocolate Enrobed Cakes Inside The Box

With these smaller versions there seems to be a lower proportion made up with the chocolate enrobing which often can be of benefit with poor quality cakes. But with these it makes no real difference as the cake filling is just as good as chocolate coating. It all depends if you have a preference for white, milk or dark chocolate.

Lucky's Mini Chocolate Cakes - Mocha Madness

With the Mocha Madness you could still get a mild tone of the white chocolate that’s interwoven with the delicate mocha note that could all so easily be too sweet. Here it wasn’t. It still had a degree of sweetness that you would expect from white chocolate, but it was throttled correctly and didn’t leave you reaching for your cuppa or glass of bubbly.

Lucky's Mini Chocolate Cakes - Chunky Nutter

With the ‘Chunky nutter’ the nut pieces were much less evident than the previous version. The upside is that there’s more room for the brownie inside and the milk chocolate Valrhona to take centre stage. This one had more of a longer-lasting flavour than I remember the original one having. It is sweet, but incredibly moreish. And is there some alcoholic substance in there or is it just cinnamon?

Lucky's Mini Chocolate Cakes - Fancy Fudge

The ‘Fancy Fudge’ didn’t have a label on it, but I knew what it was from my last encounter. This time, however, the fudge felt softer and the exhibited a more striking and complex flavour. That being said, it still wasn’t over-powering – more like a very welcomed hot cup of cocoa after a long winter’s day at work.

Lucky's Mini Chocolate Cakes - Sour Kick

I then had the ‘Sour Kick’, well that’s how it was labelled. [I later found out it wasn’t – but that’s ok I still liked it as it had a very long chocolaty after-taste that many would appreciate.]

Lucky's Mini Chocolate Cakes - Nutty Delay

The first bite of the ‘Nutty Delay’ reminded me of Christmas. The flavours aren’t meek at all and would certainly suit someone that loved more powerful tastes. The soft ganache-like topping added a gorgeous texture which is similar to the topping that you often find adorning the most agreeable of cupcakes.

Lucky's Mini Chocolate Cakes - Fruity Rhapsody

And I finished off with the ‘Fruity Rhapsody’ which did have a drier texture than the others but more of an archetypal ‘chocolate’ flavour. It’s also a much deeper option than the others. The deepness in flavour is only matched magical nature of its fruitiness. I can’t see any fruit in there, but I can definitely taste it! Perhaps not my favourite, but it’s still very good.

I don’t have any information about price, but I do know that they’ll be on sale in a couple of weeks. Follow Lucky’s on Twitter for more information. One thing I do know, however, is that the price should be more attractive to some who were put off with the cost of the larger ones. What else would you loved-one want for Christmas though ;-)

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