Lucky’s Luxury Handmade Cakes

Lucky's Luxury Handmade Cakes

[Update: Lucky’s are launching at Raoul’s Deli, 8 Clifton Road, London, W9 1SZ tomorrow where people can sample them and also draw a card to win a prize from the Wonderland!]

If anyone asks if I’d like to be sent anything with the words ‘chocolate’ and ‘cake’ in the title then there’s no way on Earth I’ll say no. And when I know Kate’s got anything to do with it then I know I’ll love whatever I’m being sent. And I wasn’t wrong when this variety of cakes and brownies covered in Valrhona turned up at my door. Having looked at Lucky’s website I could tell I was in for a treat. And, boy, was I not left disappointed.

Lucky's Luxury Handmade Cakes

The box of these chocolate goodies came well wrapped, tied in a bow and with a nice gift message, but what I didn’t expect was the sheer size of the box – it was huge! But that did lead to a problem, I couldn’t, at first, find the luxury cakes I was anticipating. Thankfully, after diving my hand in like a lucky dip at a fair, I found what I was looking for – six visually stunning chocolate creations that were of a substanional size and also looked like they’d be fun to eat.

Lucky's Luxury Handmade Cakes

The first I tried was the ‘Fruit Rhapsody’ and I’ll make no bones about it, it was exceptional. I used a David Mellor knife which is super sharp and even with that there was a great deal of resistance as I tried to cut though. I absolutely love thick chocolate around cake and this had Grand Cru Valrhona encasing the wonderfully moist fruity cake filling.

They could have, perhaps, used a darker Valrhona but this offered the right amount of sweetness and depth of flavour to compliment the shaper cranberries held within.

Lucky's Luxury Handmade Cakes

I thought I’d go for the white chocolate “Nutty Delay” next and I think this the first time I’ve actually loved white chocolate. The cake did have the usual vanilla aroma but what was inside was a delight. As the knife plunged in you could see some gooey liquid appear as if it was a surgeon plunging into a patient.

The flavour held within was divine. There was a sort of Christmas pudding character given by the ground spices which were complimented by the honey which brought all the flavour together. And, although, there may have been an aftertaste of white chocolate, but at least its excellent white chocolate!

Lucky's Luxury Handmade Cakes

The “Chunky Nutter” was next. The Valrhona milk chocolate that enrobed the brownie was so rich and full of flavour that no-one in their right mind would reach for mass-produced rubbish after! But it’s the moistness of the brownie itself that will knock you sideways! I would say it’s absolutely perfect. And when you balance it up with the rich flavour and the small pecan chunks then you’ll probably find a more pleasurable chocolate experience in your life!

Lucky's Luxury Handmade Cakes

And then I approached the “Mocha Madness” still shacking with utter delight from the previous. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not the biggest fan of white chocolate but this one still managed to be delicious! It was more subdued than the others but still managed to offer a pleasant mellow flavour that had the slightest coffee flavour. I liked the Mocha Madness because it offered something different to the others.

Lucky's Luxury Handmade Cakes

And then the “Sour Kick” which was a combination of spiced honey cake, apricot bourbon covered in milk chocolate. What was absolutely fantastic about this one was the fact that it looked that it was going to be incredibly sweet as when I cut it open I saw the apricot confit, but, it was pleasantly mild with just the right kind of sourness. It looked amazing and tasted great too!

Lucky's Luxury Handmade Cakes

And lastly I faced the “Fancy Fudge” which saw the return of the spiced honey cake but this time it was complimented by milk caramel and dark chocolate. The texture was also out of this world and the milk caramel offered a significant “wow” factor as it oozed out as I cut into it. This one was most certainly the messiest of all of the Lucky’s and perhaps one of the most enjoyable as the spiced flavour contrasted with the sweetness of the chocolate casing.

At the moment I don’t have any indication of price. But I’m sure that most won’t really care too much as these Valrhona chocolate-covered, luxury cakes are just something that you cannot afford to miss out on. I’m not getting anything for saying that either, they’re just something that I think everyone should try.

I’d be interested to see how the products develop in the run-up to Christmas and if they’ll do anything special for the festive period as they could have so much fun with the brand.

  • Taste: 95% – obviously I loved more than others. But the two absolute corkers in there, the Fruit Rhapsody and Chunky Nutter were sublime.
  • Texture: 100% – I just love substantial layers of chocolate covering moist cake or brownies inside. Even the caramel and the Sour Kick ones were fabulous.
  • Appearance: 96% – I had trouble finding them at first when I opened the box. But I think the little pesky things were just trying to get me worked up.
  • Nutritional Information: 90% – there’s a lovely amount of information and those people that are adamant that they want to know what they’re consuming should be satisfied with what’s available.
  • Price: n/a – I don’t know the price
  • Overall: 95.25% – I’m sure these are the best chocolate cake/brownies I’ve tasted all year.


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