Leonidas Chocolates – 75 Bond Street

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates - 75 Bond Street, London

To be honest I didn’t know what to expect before visiting their shop on Bond Street as their website was a bit basic and was too focused on ‘selling’ rather than ‘exciting’ people. On leaving I’d never want to return.

Leonidas are based on Bond Street, in the heart of London, and just three minutes from Oxford Circus tube station and 292ft from Oxford Road.

Score: 10/10

To me their store looked like a typical backstreet Belgian chocolate shop. They didn’t give the appearance of quality, in fact, being able to see people sat down inside having a coffee didn’t really instil me with confidence.

Score: 5/10

The Walk In
There was too much hustle and bustle. I didn’t know if I should look at the chocolates or people sat down having a lunchtime bite to eat.

This left me with the impression that I really didn’t want to spend too much.

Score: 4/10

There was a limited selection at the counter and a small wall at the back with some various selection boxes. Nothing stood out as a ‘must buy’, so I didn’t spend much.

Score: 5/10

Where do I start? I’m not entirely sure there was any eye contact with the person taking my money. In fact, when she was giving me my change she was looking straight past me. There was no connection, no warmth and no apparent desire to please their customer.

Score: 1/10

The prices are pretty cheap. But that’s because they appear to be made in Belgium and then shipped over – although how long does it take to transport chocolates from Belgium?

It does look like they play on the ‘affordability’ angel and that really doesn’t do anything with me. If you want ‘cheap’ then go to a supermarket.

Score: 8/10

Taste Test
I’ve not tried the truffles yet. But I’ll put them on my list to do after Paul A. Young – I expect the taste test to be like chalk and cheese!

Score: ?/10

I’d walk straight passed the shop when I’m next on Bond Street

Score: ?/10

Can You Buy Online?
Yes, here.

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