Leonidas 4 Piece Icon Box Of Chocolates

Leonidas ChocolateI wasn’t looking forward to reviewing this four piece Icon box of chocolates from Leonidas because the customer service I got was so poor that I thought the chocolates would match that experience. And they weren’t far off. They weren’t that bad, but neither were they all that great. It left me wondering how the heck they managed to get a concession in Harrods.

Although the box of chocolates looks nice in isolation, compared to some of the others I bought on that mystery shopping tour put them to shame.

With the wonderful bow and the colour scheme, I’d say they’d make a great ‘last minute chocolate gift’ if you’re on your way home and you thought you’d try and get your wife and girlfriend some chocolate without breaking the bank. The thing is that this four piece chocolate box costs only £4.50, which, on the great scheme of things, isn’t too bad – considering.

Leonidas Box of Chocolates Inside

When I opened up the box, however, I was disappointed. I’d forgot that it was only a four piece box of chocolates and strangely thought they’d be crammed full of chocolates just like the Fortnum & Mason truffles were. But alas they were as spaced out as the fans at a conference match.

Leonidas Box of Chocolates Dark Praline

The first I tasted was a dark chocolate square which looked pretty good. Actually it was a pretty ordinary praline which didn’t let the dark chocolate flavour come through at all.

Leonidas Box of Chocolates Inside The Dark Praline

The praline filling was very robust and completely over-powered any other flavour. This was a huge disappointment.

Leonidas Box of Chocolates White

The next I tried was the white chocolate oval which also had a very crunchy praline filling, but again was too sweet.

The white chocolate flavour didn’t come through for quite a while after the praline filling had dissipated. This was just too sweet to enjoy.

Leonidas Box of Chocolates Giandijja

I next unwrapped a Gianduja which looked like little gold-foil wrapped bricks. Although the contents were obviously a great deal less solid.

Leonidas Box of Chocolates Giandujja Bite

They’re concocted from almond and hazelnuts and reminds me of the chocolate filled hen’s eggs I reviewed last year – and I wasn’t all that fond of the flavour then either, although their originality upped the score. I’d happily leave these in the box.

Leonidas Box of Chocolates Dark Cherry

Lastly I tried a cherry liqueur chocolate. With this one I wasn’t sure what it was, but as I nibbled at the top, the cherry liqueur dribbled out – I love it when it does that.

Leonidas Box of Chocolates Inside The Dark Chocolate Cherry Liquer

I actually liked the dark chocolate with the cherry. Of course, it wasn’t top quality. But I thought the flavours worked well together.

I certainly wouldn’t seek out Leonidas again after the averageness of their chocolates.

  • Taste: 60% – just a bit more than average mainly
  • Texture: 55% – they didn’t feel of any great quality
  • Appearance: 70% – the box looked very nice, but the inside didn’t match the expectations it gave
  • Nutritional Information: 50% – nothing much there
  • Price: 60% – not great value for money
  • Overall: 48% – poor showing (regrading after comparison to other chocolatiers)

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Nutritional Information:

Leonidas box of chocolates Nutritional Information

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