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Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler Every man and his dog has given their opinion on the Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler. So its my turn. Prezzybox sent this over a while ago and I’ve just not managed to get around to reviewing it for a number of reasons. But I’ll try anything chocolate related and seeing as my wife has told me that I’m slightly more plump than I should be (I’m only like 12st 12lbs or something) I thought I’d give it a go. The premise of this product is that it should help satisfy your chocolate cravings but not place all the fat and calories you’d get from mass-produced milk chocolate out there, and hence help you loose weight. My simpler solution would be to try fine dark chocolate as an alternative. But if that’s not your thing, and you like trying new things, then try the Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler. Chocolate Inhaler by Le Whif So what do they look like? Well, to be honest they look like a pack of condoms, but I imagine taste better, but both (I would imagine) bring on a gag relex. Inside, however, you’re met with three items that appear to look like applicators for lady’s products. That’s enough rudeness, but these things do bring out the comical nature in my character. The important question is what do they taste like? Well, after I had worked out how to use it, the plain chocolate one tasted quite bitter and did leave my mouth dry. And strangly it did stop me wanting any more chocolate. But the mistake I kept making was to leave the inhaler open so when I’d look at it quizingly the powder kept dropping out. I’m such and idiot at times! Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler But the raspberry chocolate one had a much better taste at first. It does get very bitter at the end, with a slight cardboard taste, but it was still intriguing. So I moved on to the mint chocolate option in the pack. And this one was just as bitter. Yikes! I’m not sure what’s in these things, but I do feel quite light-headed! And does it quash my appetite? I’m not sure if anything can. I’m constantly talking and thinking about food. But does it make me want any more chocolate? Well not for ten minutes I think. Would I want to try these again? Well no. But I know its not aimed at me! I like real chocolate and I’m obese (well I don’t think I am) so I don’t really need to try anything to keep my appetitie down. Will others like it? There are some very strange people out there that will love them. And they’re perfectly entitled to. But I wouldn’t pay £4.95 to have them although feel free to try them yourselves and give your own opinion. Well if you did want to get some of these chocolate inhalers, then you can from Prezzy Box and make use of the voucher code kitchengifts that gives you £5 off your order of £20 or more.

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