Laurent Gerbaud Yuzu 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

Laurent Gerbaud Yuzu 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

So I admit, I’ve never heard of Laurent Gerbaud before but on my recent trip to Brussels, I just had enough time for a quick tour of some of the chocolate shops in the centre, and one of them had some bars made by Laurent. Of course I couldn’t resist. I must admit that I was shocked by the sheer volume of chocolate shops purely aimed at tourists and were simply devoid of any class. Thankfully there were are a handful of shops that don’t fall too far into that trap, and Laurent appears to be one of those.

Laurent Gerbaud Yuzu 75% Dark Chocolate Bar

The style of the packaging of his bars are in the Amedei mould with wrap around card, but here Laurent goes for the square shape more akin to Domori. Visually it’s simple, with a simple tree design to the left. On the reverse, it’s a different matter. There’s a good amount of information in both English and French and describes a touch about him but more about the origin of the cacao used to make this bar – namely from Ecuador and Madagascar, but also about what Yuzu is and how to enjoy it. This sort of information is a large part of the experience that I enjoy and appreciate the effort chocolatiers put into this sort of thing.

Regular readers will know that I love citrus flavours but also often enjoy a creamy texture with dark chocolate and this bar achieves both. Understandably the aroma is very much of the acidic nature but less pointed than much darker bars. Here there’s no great earthy quality, it just seems offer a gentler nose than would have been expected.

In terms of the flavour, it offers everything I’d like from a flavoured dark chocolate bar. The Yuzu delivers a light, refreshing but yet bitter experience that dominates precedings but still allows for a strong, milky undercurrent that contributes to a delightful experience. There’s only the slight cacao bitterness which wouldn’t lead it so much to being a winter chocolate, but more of a warm spring day.

The melt is far too short for my liking. It’s completely different to the Coppeneur Chilli and Lavender bar. I’d say it took less than ten seconds to disappear. The thinness of the bar would contribute to this, but I’m confident it’s more to do with the structure of the chocolate (I’m not drinking anything hot).

It was a nice experience, its just a shame I’m in the mood for a more powerful bar.

Where To Buy The Laurent Gerbaud Yuzu 75% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Taste: 75% – very enjoyable, but lacked some depth
  • Texture: 65% – melted far too quickly
  • Appearance: 80% – the packaging and chocolate mould used were lovely
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – some very good information present
  • Price: na% – I can’t remember how much I paid for it!
  • Overall: 75% – a pleasant experience

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