L'Artisan du Chocolat Saffron White Chocolate Bar

The Artisan du Chocolat Saffron White Chocolate Bar is a strange creation, and I’m not entirely sure if I like it, or I just find it a curious affair. Their Darjeeling Dark Chocolate Bar> was also on the unusual side, but this bar is taking “strange” to a new level.

There’s a definite sweetness to the bar which you would expect from white chocolate, its just that this bar is more of a muddy water colour and doesn’t look all that appealing. But its the flavour you may struggle with. I’d say this bar is the Marmite of chocolate bars in that you’ll either love it or hate it. I can’t see there being a middle ground.

The flavour reminds me of that fake sugar people put in their tea but with an added layer of kitchen cleaner. That may sound unfair, but with so much other fine chocolate out there, I’d say its only worth buying if you either love saffron or are a gluton for punishment love trying unusual flavours.


Taste: 30% – I know many of you will love it or just find it unusual, I found it pretty much unpalatable.

Texture: 70% – I can’t really fault it to any significant degree. Other than not having the crisp crack that dark chocolate has, there’s nothing more I could expect from this white chocolate.

Appearance: 40% – The box design was uninspiring and the colour of the bar a sandy, muddy water colour that I found slightly unappealing.

Nutritional Information: 40% – there’ snot a huge amount of information available.

Price: 40% – I’d say this bar is overpriced for many of you. But then at £2.50 a good proportion will think its money well spent.

Overall: 44% – A definite miss.

Lee McCoy

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