Lakritsfabriken Frosted Chocolate Glazed Liquorice Sticks

Lakritsfabriken Frosted Chocolate Glazed Liquorice Sticks

There are just some varieties of flora that you were almost obsessed with as a child that as an adult you completely forget about. For me that’s liquorice. As a kid I used to love those really cheap, and now, seemingly very nasty liquorice sticks. With Woolworth’s closing down and the fact that I don’t actually visit sweet shops any more, I haven’t had any liquorice for probably twenty-five years. Thanks to the most bodacious Geert Vercruysse I have some Frosted Chocolate Glazed Liquorice Sticks from Lakritsfabriken.

Lakritsfabriken Frosted Chocolate Glazed Liquorice Sticks

Both ingredients and price are a mystery to me. I can neither read Swedish nor find any costs. What I do know is that I love the branding and the powerful liquorice flavour. It’s the salt that will hit you straight away. The stick only has to pass your lips and the crisp, sharp, intense salinity will pique your interest. The chocolate coating will mute that and for a very short amount of time the acidity from the salt will combine with the chocolate and give you a hit of some very fine chocolate. What comes to mind is Duffy’s Nicaragua Chuno with its red fruit notes.

A close-up.

After this terribly exciting flavour combination it then you may get an ammoniac draft through your nose. I didn’t realise that some salty liquorice does contain ammonium chloride, I couldn’t tell  you if this does, but it seems so to me. Some might find that off-putting. But it’s so transitory as to be unimportant and if that’s the ‘cost’ for enjoying the initial flavour hits then I’m all up for it.

In the box you’ll have twelve pieces of this liquorice, and  I think you’ll find yourself having two or three an evening and saving the rest for when you need your taste-buds refreshing. Overall I’d give them a 73%


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