Le Whif Chocolate Inhaler

Le Whiff Chocolate Inhailer SprayI’ve tried flavoured air before at an industry event a couple of years ago and thought it was something quirky and fun, but felt it had no real benefit. But now there’s comapny that sells little capsules of chocolate flavoured air, and called Le Whif, in what appears to be capsules like those Golden Spot breath fresheners of the early 1990’s.

This bereathable chocolate is supposed to give you your chocolate cravings, but without the guilt and sin of the extra calories that you just didn’t want!

I don’t think this product has been proven yet. I’ve just ordered mine from La Whif direct from France which cost €5.40 for the three of the sprays, €5.10 for postage and another €1 for some strange VAT type tax. You’ve got to pay via Paypal and it worked out to be £6.47 at today’s conversion rate.

But there is an answer, they’re going to be sold exclusively via House of Fraser! So get your orders in when they reach these shores – I’ll let you know! UPDATE: You can buy them from PrezzyBox too for £4. Or effectively free if you use the voucher code kitchengifts and spend over £20 as you’ll get £5 off! You can also buy them from Amazon, but they’re a lot more!

Le Whiff Chocolate Spray

And you might to check out this dedicated site about the chocolate inhaler spray.

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  • Gareth

    I bought a packet in Paris and was a bit underwhelmed given the price! I also think I got some chocolate up my nose. But that was probably my error!

  • Lee

    Thanks for that Gareth! I’ll make sure I take extra care when I’m reviewing it ;-)