La Maison Du Chocolat Small Egg Coffret

La Maison Du Chocolat Small Egg Coffret

La Maison Du Chocolat say this is a “Small Egg Coffret“, but don’t think the box is small and don’t think you’ll only get a handful of mini eggs. In fact you’ll get forty delicious mini eggs of a variety of flavours. In terms of Easter gifts I think it’s the best looking selection I’ve reviewed so far this year.

La Maison Du Chocolate Small Egg Coffret Top Of The Box

The great thing about companies sending you chocolate is that you never know exactly what you’ll be getting. A brown cardboard box with your address on it could contain literally anything. I knew it was from La Maison Du Chocolat so I knew it was going to be classy. What I didn’t know was that it’d be anything as sophisticated as this Small Egg Coffret.

La Maison Du Chocolate Small Egg Coffret Colour Combination

When you untie the ribbon and then remove the black piece of protective paper you’re met with a veritable delight of colours. If you didn’t know what the different colours signified then you’d be stood aghast, not knowing which to choose first.

La Maison Du Chocolat Dark Chocolate Ganache Quito

The first I tried was the Dark ganache Quito egg which is a blend of cocoa from Venezuela, Trinidad and Ecuador which was rich, creamy with a slight vanilla flavour. It wasn’t as dark and bitter as I expected. Even with the creamy nature, it had more of a lighter flavour which did leave you wanting more.

La Maison Du Chocolat Small Egg Coffret Milk Chocolate Ganache

I then plumped for the lighter looking ganache which, indeed, had a milk chocolate shell but will was filled with a lighter ganache which tasted much more fruity than the first and felt like a Gu Pudding filling. I really did like this one as the flavours were much more playful on the tongue.

In the green foil was the dark chocolate crunchy praline. The shell had a tortoise texture which housed a sweet and crunchy praline centre. Praline may not be my cup of tea and I found this one excessively crunchy for personal taste. I can, however, appreciate that others will like it a lot.

La Maison du Chocolat Almond Slivers Egg

Then there’s the dark and the milk chocolate versions with praline slivers in them. I didn’t get much of the almond slivers but there was a good hint of it. I did, however, find the milk chocolate version a touch too sweet.

Overall I was impressed with them. I wasn’t so fond of the praline versions. But, I know for the vast majority of people they’d be exceptionally grateful to receive a box of these mini eggs at Easter.

  • Taste: 70% – the normal ganaches were delicious. I wasn’t all that fond of the pralines.
  • Texture: 70% – as above, the ganaches were delightfully smooth whilst the pralines were indeed “crunchy” as indicated.
  • Appearance: 95% – the box and the ribbon was fantastic. They also looked great within.
  • Nutritional Information: 80% – on the outside of the container there is a good amount of information
  • Price: 65% – at £34 they’re at not cheap. It may have something to do with the price of the Euro these days? Are they worth the money? It’s hard for a non-praline person to judge.
  • Overall: 76% – we’re talking romantic Easter gifts here. They won’t appeal to everyone


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