Manufaktura Czekolady Kwiat Soli Morskiej

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Between you and me this is a 70% dark chocolate bar with Fleur de sel and more interestingly this salt comes from the Secovlje Natural Park in Slovenia and then processed using wood from chestnut trees. And it’s this naturalness and that I find adorable. They’re the only chocolate makers in Poland that manufacture chocolate by hand and that is so much in evidence in this bar made with Ghanaian cacao.

Manufaktura Czekolady Kwiat Soli Morskiej

As with much naturally made chocolate there is a dry, brittleness to it. It offers a fantastic alternative to mass, produced, smooth, silky and sometimes oily chocolate. It focuses your mind on the flavour and away from the texture. Here the salt isn’t as dominant as I thought it’d be. Instead the saltiness appears in spasmodic intervals, your are presented with a mild chocolate backdrop, instead.

Manufaktura Czekolady Kwiat Soli Morskiej

But there’s more to this bar than just that. There’s also a flowery, fragrant aspect that lifts it a touch. Also present is a hint of chalkiness that you get with indigestion tablets. But that is only a temporary feature as the saliva in your mouth works on the chocolate and softens it up. This process allows the chocolate to travel around your mouth and impart the flavour into places that quick melting chocolate just cannot reach.

I’d definitely say that this is in no sense a mass-market chocolate. Very few people in the UK may get the chance to try this chocolate, and they’d be the lucky ones. It’s a significant departure from modern-day chocolate, but it’s certainly a direct I’d like more chocolatiers to try and venture down.

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Quick Rating:
    Rating: 78% – an interesting bar of natural, unadulterated dark chocolate that offers flavours that become more enjoyable with each bite.

    Cocoa beans from Ghana [70%], cane sugar, sea salt flower

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