Kinder Chocolate Snack Bars

Who doesn’t remember Kinder Surprises as a child? I used to love them as they had that great mixture of milk chocolate and white chocolate that seemed to work so well together.

Well I got this 6 pack of their Kinder Chocolate Snack Bars from Aldi for just 99p. And I’m glad I tried them again. I think over the intervening few years my tastes have definitely softened and I no longer enjoy really sweet chocolate, which these Surprises are.

A very large proportion of the snack bars are actually the white chocolate filling which makes them overly sweet. They may not be as sugary as some of their other bars at 52.5%, but to me that’s still too much! I’d hate to think my kids were consuming so much sugar on a regular basis.

I can see these Kinder Chocolate Snack Bars being very popular with kids and I’m slightly disappointed that they’ve got a picture of a glass of milk on the front to make them look healthier than other chocolates as I don’t really look at them in this way.

Purely on a taste sense, they’re OK, nothing special, but if you’re trying to find some confectionery to put in a child’s lunch box, then I’m sure they’re fine as they’re not all that substantial.

Overall, I’d give them a quick review rating of 55%.

Nutritional Information:

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  • Trish

    There’s a glass of milk on the front because the filling is a “milky filling” aka made from milk- not white chocolate.