Kellogg’s Orange Rice Krispies Squares

The first rule of food blogging is to be respectful of all companies that send you stuff to review. And because I just couldn’t find time to review the chocolate snacks that Kellogg’s sent last year, I felt morally obliged to review their new, limited edition ‘Totally Chocolatey’ Orange Rice Krispies Squares – however prejudiced I might feel. My view is that if I only ever reviewed stuff on here I knew I’d like then I’m sure you guys would think I was being a bit narrow-minded. With that in mind, I unwrapped and gobbled up one of these things.

Who wasn’t a big fan of those chocolate Rice Krispies things you’d make as a child? I certainly was, but as I grew older I got a taste for ‘real’ chocolate and away from the snacking kind. My view was that if I was going to try and keep an eye on my calories I’d rather ‘spend’ them on something truly indulgent, and not something like this which is a halfway house of pseudo decadence and filling up with cereal. However, I should be judging these squares without hang-ups of any kind. As such, I can say they’re not actually too bad – perfectly edible, and enjoyable.

I don’t actually eat chocolate bars when I’m out, and only have cereal snacks if I’ve got to leave early for meetings and can’t manage a real breakfast as I drive (cruise control does have its benefits!). But I can, with all seriousness, see myself scoffing one of these as elevenses whilst I’m not dashing down the motorway. I know that sounds like I’m trying to be nice to the Kellogg’s guys, but these Squares are just not offensive as I thought they would be.

What this review proves is that you can be totally wrong assuming that you know what a snack tastes like before you’ve even unwrapped it. I’m no lover of orange chocolate but the flavours here were very meek. It seems they knew that they could seriously over-load the flavours and sweetness and purposely kept that to a minimum.

The problem I do have is that in each square there are about 149 calories. For me that’s about a 15km cycle ride or about a 4km jog – so I’ll be doing a double session at the gym tonight. But that’s also a positive. If you’re out and about and need an energy boost, or just to keep you going for a little bit longer then I’m sure these things would do the job.

I know I won’t be waking up tomorrow having dreamt of these things, but neither would I be having nightmares. I just owed it to them to give the snack a fair review, and hopefully I’ve done that. Now to restore the calorific balance, if they wouldn’t mind sending over some Special K Strawberry & Chocolate breakfast cereal then I won’t feel so guilty – I do have a marathon to train for after all.

If the aim of sending the snacks was for me to reconsider what they sell then they’ve certainly done that. Even though I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan of their sweet stuff such as pop tarts, but come winter I’m sure I’ll be trying out their Hot Oat Krumbly Fruit and more of their Fruit ‘n Fibre (which is most excellent with natural yoghurt).

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