Kakaw 70% With Chilli

And now for the flavoured version of the previous 70% dark chocolate which came all the way from Belize and the lovely guys at Kakaw.

Jo and Chris made a fantastic bar that time around which was deliciously natural and not at all adulterated. This bar, however, aims to satisfy those people that like chocolate with a bit of a kick to it. And boy do they manage that – the chilli is very potent – but just how I like it. You’ll get a warm burn at the back of your throat for a long while after the chocolate itself has melted.

The aroma has a distinctly, but not excessive, milk powder flavour, much like the Rabot Estate chocolate, but with a strange pork sausage and mushroom on toast edge to it (I must be hungry) – it’s a sort of mellowness at the front of the mouth that I’ve not experienced before, but very much enjoyed.

There’s also something else completely different with this bar which is that typically most chilli chocolate the heat comes right at the end of the melt, but somehow Jo and Chris manage to get the heat to kick in fairly early on and that’s something else to love about it.

The texture is more rustic than many small batch chocolate makers, but you’re unlikely to get highly polished chocolate without spending a great amount on the sort of facilities which Jo and Chris probably couldn’t warrant spending on – at this stage.

This really is a unique bar of chocolate in so many ways, and one I’d happily suggest you try if you do get the chance!

Where To Buy This Chilli Dark Chocolate
  • Kakaw – if you can make it to Belize!


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