Julies Love Letters

I bought these Julies Love Letters at the same time I bought the Orion Choco Pies and the Glico Pocky Choco Banana Biscuit Sticks. In that shop I’ve bought chocolates from Thailand, South Korea and now Malaysia with varying degrees of niceness from rank awful to delightful. These Love Letters are somewhere in between.

They come in a fairly nice box which holds two different plastic-wrapped containers which each hold around 14 two inch (or there abouts) wafer sticks filled with a chocolate cream creation. After the last Orion Choco Pies I wasn’t holding out for much. They may not be very chocolaty, but they do have a nice praline-type taste which is mild and underwhelming. There’s nothing punchy or ultimately memorable out this chocolate snack, but they’re not one you’ll regret buying either. Ejiana “loved them” as can be seen by her photo, I wouldn’t go that far however!

Overall, they’re probably a textbook definition of “average”. As a quick rating I’d give them a totally average score of 50%. I wouldn’t call them by the name of the manufacturers either “Perfect Food”!

Lee McCoy

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