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There are dozens of British chocolatiers that deserve your notice this Valentine’s Day, not to mention other companies that may be based in other locations. While some people are loyal to their favorite brand, most chocolate connoisseurs enjoy the experience of tasting and comparing many different brands and flavors. This aspect of chocolate eating can be lost if you stick with a specific confectioner when choosing chocolates for your lover. Luckily, there are options like John Lewis that believe in providing numerous quality chocolate brands all in one place, showcasing the best-of-the-best for this Valentine’s Day. This is particularly notable when you realize that John Lewis also produces their own brand of confections.

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A Taste of the Unique
While chocolates are universally loved, buying the average box of supermarket chocolates can miss the mark for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Luckily, John Lewis is an excellent place to showcase unique flavors and confectionery designs. For example, partners like Ready to Post produce edible postcards, featuring various cute and romantic messages engraved on a luxurious bar of chocolate. Amazingly, £10 is all that you will need to get your significant other an edible romantic message. Rococo is another chocolatier that John Lewis carries; if you want to surprise your lover with something that is beyond out-of-the-ordinary, the company sells bagged chocolates that mimic other iconic foods. You can buy chocolate potatoes, mushrooms, quail eggs and nuts, for example. If you can’t decide which charms you more, select a mixed bag of chocolate “vegetables.”

Fruits and Nuts and Truffles – Oh My!
The sheer number of brands that John Lewis carries means that the flavor combinations and confectionery techniques are more extensive than at most other chocolatiers. On top of that, the shop focuses on the affordable price ranges of each line that they carry. This makes putting together a tasting basket a great way to give the chocolate lover in your life the chance to really savor different flavors and types of chocolate. For a very reasonable investment in your love, you can give the gift of jellies, fondant, truffles and ganache, to name just a few possible combinations. From cookies to bars to beans, John Lewis brings it all to the table this Valentine’s Day. To make this even more appealing, most of the items featured sell for under £10, making John Lewis the place to go for reasonable Valentine’s chocolate. I suggest that you also take a look at Fortnum & Mason too.

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