John Costello Chocolate Selection

John Costello UK Chocolate Master

This is a purposely vague review. And that’s for one reason. Two of the six bon bons in this box that I picked up from the Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival will be entered for the World Chocolate Masters finals this year by John Costello.

John’s a smashing bloke, but he did ask me not to publicly review them. I thought a general top photo would be ok as I’m not going to detail the flavours or how fantastic they taste. Just to say I’ve now consumed them all and I just love the wide variety of fantastic flavours. Some are alcoholic, some fruity and some spicy. I particularly like the fruity ones in this weather as they’re incredibly refreshing.

Another point for posting is that we can get some good support and encouragement from the UK press as to what he’s trying to achieve for the UK – for “us” to become World Chocolate Masters. We’ve got some great chocolatiers here, so we should really have the title. If there’s any way you can support John in his pursuit, please do.

If you’d like some samples, please drop him a line (omg this praline is awesome!) … I try and get him to add his contact details to the site (you can connect with him on Linkedin. If you’re “oop north” also pop in to the Chocolate cafe who I believe have some left.

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