Jeff de Bruges 43% Venezuelan

This Jeff de Bruges 43% Venezuelan milk chocolate has been pulled from the depths of my chocolate collection where it has been languishing for far too long. Having brought it into the light it’s time to see what it’s got to offer. What it does offer is the bringing back of memories – but not ones I’d prefer to forget about.

When I was about ten years old or so, the family computer was in my brother’s bedroom. One evening I took in some very milky hot chocolate and proceeded to spill it all over the desk and carpet. The insipid aroma lasted for many months. And it’s that carpet-hot chocolate mix of aromas is what I get with this milk chocolate. Add to that combination a distinct hint of milk powder then we’re on course to understand the context of this bar.

The flavour seems to be a carbon copy of the Hotel Chocolat advent calendars. But if you read the tasting notes then you might be a touch confused – as this this bar is a mix of Criollo and Trinitario from Venezuela. It just must be the low cocoa content that mutes the true chocolate flavour. Or perhaps, it’s just that this bar is a touch beyond its best before date? Whatever the cause, this bar lacks character.

I know it’s very moreish, but I feel that’s because of a chemical need to gorge myself on chocolate rather than any intrinsic flavourful beauty. It’s nice because it’s chocolate, and for no other reason. For me that’s a shame. It’s the same as liking drum and bass because it drowns out the cacophonous shrill of workmen laying a new gas pipe. And that’s no way to enjoy chocolate.

Quick Rating:
  • 55% – “average” is about right.

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