Jeff de Bruges Les Caracas Noir and Lait

Jeff De Bruges Les Mini TabletsI bought these Les Caracas Noir and Lait from Jeff de Bruges during my mystery shopping trip just because they looked interesting and I didn’t know what the heck I was buying (which is always fun). All I knew was that there were a number of varieties and this one was a mixed bag of cacao strengths.

For your £6.75 at Jeff de Bruges you get 12 individual chocolates shaped into cacao pods in 40% milk chocolate and 70% dark chocolate

I’m not sure which one I tried first but it was definitely a milk chocolate one which had a fairly mild nutty flavour. The second was very similar. It wasn’t until the third that I picked a dark chocolate one. This was the 70% one and it came with a wonderful dark flavour with hints of orange and a slightly acidic nature to it – this one was bar far the best one of the bunch.

Jeff De Bruges Les Mini Tablettes

  • Taste: 70% – I’m going to take an average score here. I wasn’t too fond of the milk chocolate ones as I felt that they could have either been sweet enough to tingle your taste buds or full enough of character to excite – they managed to do neither. Whilst the dark chocolate ones I thought were very good. There may not have been the notes that you can often get from tablet chocolate, but they were still far ahead of the major chain dark chocolate.
  • Texture: 70% – another mixed bag. It’s very difficult to get a gauge of the texture as they were so small, but I still felt my mouth was fairly tantalised by the texture.
  • Appearance: 65% – I just didn’t get it. If the bags are to look rustic then perhaps bright green isn’t the way, but then that’s their brand – strong, contasting colours.
  • Nutritional Information: 50% – very hard to read as it was so small and there was no RDA data.
  • Price: 65% – I’m struggling to think of how much I’d be happy to pay for them, but I still feel the price is £1 or so too high.
  • Overall: 64% – I feel underwhelmed and let down. Let’s hope the bars of chocolate fair better.
Where To Buy The Jeff de Bruges Les Mini Tablettes

– I couldn’t see them featured on their site.

Nutritional Information:

Jeff De Bruges Les Mini Tablettes Nutritional Information

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