Jeff De Bruges – 13 South Molton Street

Jeff de Bruges Chocolate Shop 13 South Molton Street, London

From what I can gather, Jeff De Bruges is a franchise set-up which could either mean you’re going to get great service because the people there have put their own money in, or you’re going to get something that’s replicated many times over without the uniqueness of chocolate shops that make their own chocolates on-site.

What I actually witnessed was something pretty fantastic.

The Jeff de Bruges Shop is located on South Molton Street in the West End of London, just a few shops up from Neuhaus and pretty much in the centre of London at just seven minutes walk from Oxford Circus tube station and just two minutes from Bond Street tube station.

Score: 10/10

I found the shop front simple but classy. The window display was similarly restrained but still managed to represent the selection of chocolates within. There was nothing “tacky” about it but it did remind me of a florist on reflection.

Score: 8/10

The Walk In
I was very pleased with the walk in. The young lady behind the counter greeted me even though she was in conversation with another customer. The displays were well designated so if you were looking for something in particular you could head straight to the relevant section as this photo shows:

Jeff de Bruges Inside Photo

Score: 8/10

There was a large counter with a wide variety of individual chocolates to make a Ballotin which all looked fantastic. I just wish I bought one instead of 3 tablets and a bag of cacao pods. Maybe I’ll get some more next time?

There may not be the innovative variety of flavours as Paul A Young, but for the majority of people the selection would be more than adequate.

Score: 8/10

I must admit the young lady was incredibly friendly and helpful – even before she knew my motive. This sort of relaxed discussion is something customers will remember and increase the chances of them returning.

Score: 10/10

I think the prices were higher because the shop is in the west end. But, I’m yet to review the chocolate to test value for money.

Score: 7/10

Taste Test
So far I’ve tasted the Les Mini Tablettes which were ok when I was trying the milk chocolate ones, and very nice when I tried the dark chocolate ones.

The score was let down by the one product so far that I’ve tried. When I’ve tried the others I’ll update this rating.


What Would I Give Up To Have Some More?
Not a great deal – may be 15 minutes extra time in bed – if I’ve already had 8 hours.

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