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Jean Paul Hevin ChocolatierJean Paul Hevin opened “Le Petit Boule” in Paris in 1988, to be followed by another in 1990 and yet another, complete with a tea room, seven years later. Having received a confectioner’s vocational certificate, Jean Paul worked as an apprentice at both the Intercontinental Hotel and the Nikko Hotel before opening his own shop. Currently, the chocolatier manufactures fine French chocolate creations from a total of 11 stores, with four in Paris, two in Hong Kong and five in Japan.

Ironically, Hevin originally aspired to be an electrical engineer. Through a twist of fate however, he missed the application date for the school he had planned to attend and decided instead to pursue a career as a confectioner. What a pity it would have been if Jean Paul had pursued his initial interest and the world would have missed out on his delicious and elegant French chocolate creations.

Jean-Paul Hevin Chocolate Bars

Jean Paul Hevin’s wide range of delicious chocolate bars consists of a variety of milk and dark chocolates, as well as his line of tasty energy and fitness bars.

  • Milk chocolate – His milk chocolate bars include plain or almond milk chocolate and a delicious milk-caramel bar with refined salt.
  • Dark chocolate – Jean Paul’s exquisite line of rich dark chocolate bars consist of 76%, 80% and 81% dark chocolate, as well as a deliciously luxurious dark chocolate-coffee bar. Ad I particulrly liked the Madagascar / Aria 70%
  • Vintage chocolate – Jean Paul carries a wide range of vintage chocolates created from cacao beans harvested in more than 10 different areas of the world. Some of his vintage chocolate bars include the Caracas bar, the Java bar and the Madagascar bar.
  • Energy and Abdominal Bars His abdominal bars include the Pecs bar, the Muscle bar and the sugar free Fitness bar. Jean Paul’s special energy bar combines delicious chocolate with vibrant and surprisingly refreshing ingredients such as ginger, Tonka beans, Sichuan pepper and paradise pepper

Snacking Chocolate

In addition to all Jean Paul Hevin’s other fine chocolate creations, he also produces a variety of delicious snacking chocolates perfect for munching. These snacking chocolates include such favourites as dark or milk chocolate almonds, Mexican almonds, chocolate coffee beans and chocolate pearls.

Other Chocolates

Jean Paul Hevin also carries a large variety of chocolate assortments, specialties and gift chocolates such as chocolate cigars, truffles, gift boxes, mendicants and a Tea Time collection of chocolate products.

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231 rue Saint Honoré – 75001 Paris; 3 rue Vavin – 75006 Paris; 23bis avenue de la Motte Piquet – 75007 Paris
3, rue Vavin, 75006 Paris
23 bis, avenue de la Motte-Piquet, 75007 Paris

Jean-Paul Hevin Videos

I have no idea what this lady is saying, but the pictures look good!

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