Jean-Paul Hévin Príncipe 75%

Jean-Paul Hevin Príncipe 75%

My guilt continues to flow. In my desire to try more weird and wonderful chocolate I’ve neglected some of my favourite chocolatiers – and today I’ve dug out the Jean-Paul Hévin Príncipe 75% bar made with cacao from reportedly from the island of Príncipe which is off the coast of the African nation of Equatorial Guinea. I’m not sure if it’s the volcanic nature of the island but it has a great deal of similarity with the Hawaiian chocolate I’ve reviewed in the past.

This bar also has a peppery edge and some deep acidity but a very thin flavour profile. I had expected more of a caramel tone, but there more of a flavour of pinewood that has been left in the sun too long. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had this bar in my stash since June and it’s past its best before, but I much prefer chocolate too offer a rounded base of flavour then upper acidic notes for some balance. Here there were just some light top notes and not much else.

There’s not else I can say really. I’ll try some more this year and see what it’s like.

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  • Rating: 60% – just not as good as his others.

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