Jean-Paul Hévin Caramel Milk Chocolate Drops

One of the ten commandments featured in yesterday’s Royal Merina review should have been “treat chocolate with respect” and that would entail not stuffing a bag of chocolate drops into your hand luggage when you return from Paris. Being guilty of such a sin these “buttons” are being reviewed in a battered state. Another rule that I’ll enforce is not to let my wife accompany me on a chocolate buying mission at Salon du Chocolat in Paris – as she made me buy these milk caramel chocolate drops.

These drops are more suitable for making chocolate treats such as mousses rather than eating “as is”, but I typically love these sort of drops as I can work my way through a bag easily – just no these. For me they’re far too sweet and too light – there’s nothing substantial about them. They’re just far too whimsical for my liking. I know my wife will like them, but for me Jean-Paul Hévin has created far better chocolate. I know the intrinsic quality is good, it just they’re not of my liking.

The dark chocolate ones I nibbled at were great, I should have stood my ground!

Where To Buy Milk Caramel Chocolate Drops
  • Jean-Paul Hévin – I can’t remember the price for this small bag.

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