Jaxx Mouthy Crunchie Chocolate Treats

Jaxx Mouthy Crunchie Chocolate Treats

I wasn’t supposed to like these. Anything that’s targeted at the ‘tween-teen’ market normally isn’t something I’d go for. But far too often these sorts of lunchbox snakes are overly sweet and far too heavy on the salt. Now I’m not saying these Jaxx are the perfect replacement for sticks of celery and tangerines in your children’s lunchboxes, but they make a fantastic alternative to the usual fair.

Jaxx Mouthy Crunchie Chocolate Treats Inside

The brand image is that of a self-confident young teenager which doesn’t really seem to be served all that well by the current chocolate treats that you’ll find in your local convenience store or supermarket. I don’t actually remember seeing anything recently that stands out as being all that different. But what I do know is that children regularly buy the brand names they see advertised in a ‘fun’ way on television and in magazines. You just have to stand in your local One Stop on a weekday lunchtime to see kids streaming up to the tills with chocolate bars and the odd bag of handily-sized confectionary such as the relaunched Galaxy Counters. And this is where the brainchild of the brand Yehudi Lipman comes in.

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Having many years of experience at international powerhouses such as Bestfoods, Unilever and Nestle (ice-cream), he’s got a great deal of experience to ensure that the product is a hit with children – a million times more than I would. But from my own economics & marketing background I’d have to admit that I really can see these flying off the shelves. They probably already are as you can find Jaxx in Londis, Budgens, Scotmid and Martin McColl, although I have no way of knowing as there are none of those stores near me.

In terms of flavours, they come in a milk chocolate, orange chocolate and double chocolate varieties. Of course, just plainly thinking how I’d expect kids would respond, I’m sure they’d love them as they’re incredibly moreish (even for an adult of more refined tastes). I’ve actually almost finished the lot – only the thought that my wife would love them has stopped me from polishing them off.

What I like the most is the biscuity centre, there’s not a lot out there that has this type of centre. Maltesers are much lighter and almost non-existent and the Galaxy Counters and Minstrels are just solid ‘chocolate’ and Revels are just too weird for most kids.

At what about the pocket-money test? At a trial price of 69p for 50g I’m sure that’s well within the buying powers of most kids on their way to school or during lunch break. How well mums (and dads) respond to them is another thing. I’d sure they’d definitely go for the more fun aspect of the packaging.

And would I buy the myself, being a thirty-something? I actually would if I’m out and about shopping.

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