James Chocolates Lemon Zest & Poppy Seed White Chocolate Bar

To start you off, this Lemon Zest & Poppy Seed White Chocolate bar from James Chocolates is fantastic! Their White Chocolate With Strawberry & Black Pepper, Raspberry & Mint Milk Chocolate and Chilli Pepper Bar were also ranging from very good to excellent.

I’m a massive fan of lemon favoured food, much more than I am with white chocolate. But say that the zingy flavour of the lemon goes exceptionally well with the mild flavour that the poppy seeds gives and together compliment that sweet flavour of the white chocolate. In trying to describe the flavour I’d have to say its a sweet bready flavour as the poppy seeds remind me of bread rolls whilst the lemon reminds me of lemon cheesecake. It really is a marvel!

The texture is also fantastic. The white chocolate is soft and the poppy seeds magically don’t seem to get stuck in your teeth and contribute to a wonderful experience. I’d love you to try this chocolate bar.


Taste: 85% – a well rounded and zingy chocolate bar.

Texture: 85% – soft and with character

Appearance: 70% – perhaps they could work on the packaging, but I’m sure they need to keep costs down.

Nutritional Information: 65% – there’s not a great deal there.

Price: 55% – it is fairly pricy for just 50g, but you won’t be able to get it anywhere else.

Overall: 72% – a must try if you’re wanting something different.

Nutritional Information:

You can buy direct from James Chocolates for £1.80 for 50g.

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